Brand identity redesign for Tŷ Cerdd - representing what the organisation stands for and delivers.
Situated in the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, Tŷ Cerdd works to bring the music of Wales to audiences across our nation and to the rest of the world. They protect the legacy of Welsh music of the past, to nurture that of the present and drive the development of new compositions. They support professionals and non-professionals, performers and audiences, to perform, compose and experience Welsh music.
The orange scribble above the typography is a stylised sound wave that was taken from a recording of a first-language Welsh speaker saying the brand name ‘Tŷ Cerdd’. This soundwave was traced over with different flicks and loops to represent an orchestral conductor’s motions and patterns.
The main part of the branding uses the typeface Trajan, which is based on early Roman typography and conveys a feeling of importance, elegance and is very easy to read at a distance. Contrastingly, Gill Sans Light is used for ‘Music Centre Wales’ which brings a much more modern feel to the design.
Alternative shorthand icon designs optimised for social media page photos or when the primary full logo is inappropriate. The waveform used in these icons were taken from the ‘T’ and ‘C’ part of the original soundwave.

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