Concept for a sustainable t-shirt company
Plastic pollution in our oceans is an increasing problem in the world and if left will only get worse at an increasing rate. To tackle this I proposed a sustainable T-shirt idea that would use the plastic gathered from our oceans through the help of The Ocean Cleanup as not only would it be helping to reduce the amount of waste in our oceans but will also be putting it to good use and giving it a good repurposed function.
Two variations of the logo were created for different uses. The first design is the primary branding and the second is the alternative to be used on tags and labels.
The t-shirt has a minimalistic design to represents its goal idea of clearing the oceans of plastic and other waste.
The price tag on the t-shirt will also be made using the plantable seed paper to help minimise waste. It will also include a fact related to ocean plastic pollution to enforce the idea of trying to educate people on the subject.

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