Suitable but simple brand identity for a start-up hairdressing business along with other advertising and marketing materials.
Seven is a new hair and beauty salon which features a range of different treatments such as luxury hair service, holistic therapy a range of body treatments. The salon has a strong botanical theme and has a main colour pallet of black and copper.
The logo that was created uses a ribbon-like script typeface which gives off a comforting, yet high-end appearance. It features a metallic copper gradient to fit in with its colour pallet whilst also supporting a classy look.
The business cards have been designed to double as appointment cards which gives the customer all the information they need about their appointment and about the business.
‘Recommend a Friend’ Leaflets were also designed which feature the unique composited image of a woman with coppery hair morphing into leaves, highlighting the botanical aspect of the salon.
A C-Fold leaflet was designed as the price list for the three business’ working within the salon. It keeps a congruent botanical theme and is easily recognisable as part of the Seven branding.
The gift cards were crafted to follow the same them ands aesthetic as everything else, but features a copper strip along the top to help make them stand out from everything else.
A short social media ‘coming soon’ advert was also made to announce the near opening of the new salon.

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