Concept for a unique digital cocktail bar.
Finch & Radley allows customers to create their own custom cocktails, or if they have no idea what they want, they can get a professional mixologist to whip up a drink based on all of their preferences to make something perfect for each individual. The bar also offers a selection of premade canned cocktails if you only want one of the popular drinks.
Finch & Radley takes its name and theme from Harper Lee's novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. The bar has an early 1930s aesthetic to match the time period of the book hence the bar boasting an elegant Art Deco design with its embellished golden branding. The icon is made up from a martini glass to represent that it is actually a bar, except the glass has been turned into the scales of justice to represent (Atticus) Finch. The scales are holding a pocket watch and an Indian head coin which are some of the items that (Boo) Radley left in the tree knothole during one of his major scenes.
All custom made drinks will be delivered in the official Finch & Radley Mason jars which come in two options; the standard model or, for an additional price, the gold motif model for that extra bit of class. The canned cocktails use different fonts and patterns to help distinguish the difference between them.
These are all of the main screens that the Finch & Radley app will feature.
Starting from left to right there is the ‘Designed By The Pros’ page where you select everything you like and a pro will create a cocktail based on those ingredients just for you, then the ‘Create Your Own’ where you can customise and create your own drink. These two pages both lead to the ‘Choose Your Variant’ page where select the flavours or type of previously chosen ingredient. The next page in the list is the ‘Canned Cocktails’ where a handful of premade drinks are sold, then there’s the main home page which directs you to the three previous pages. The large screen is the loading screen when the app launches. Next to this is the ‘Our Story’ page which tells you about the bar, followed by the social media tab which hosts all the social links for the page. This is followed by the rewards tab which shows the perks available through the app, then there is the ‘Contact Us’ tab wit hall the contact information. The final page is the profile page where you can access the settings and edit your account.
The ads have all been targeted online on social media due to that being where the majority of the target audience is located (younger end of the millennial scale). The ads are all hand drawn to mimic the design styles of the posters used during the time period the digital cocktail bar is set. The decision was made not to use any out of home (OOH) advertisements as this will mimic the brand’s ethos of not having to leave your house to get a premium cocktail so you also don’t have to leave the house to see adverts of the bar.

The bar offers three different methods of purchasing the custom cocktails:
1. Most Expensive: Delivered to a cocktail bar near you 
         If your local bar may not do the cocktail you wish for or you want to create a custom drink you can use Finch & Radley to deliver any missing ingredients to the bar where they will put together the drink for you, just as if you were purchasing it from them. Just show them confirmation email receipt! The bar will be payed for their resources hence the extra price.
2. Standard Price: Delivered to your house
         You will be sent the mixer made up in the Finch & Radley Mason jar along with a miniature bottle of chosen alcohol. All you have to do is mix the two in the jar and just add ice!
3. Cheapest Option: Emailed only a list of the ingredients and method
         If you already have all the equipment and ingredients but don’t know the best way to mix the cocktail or how to serve it, then you can get emailed method with the list of ingredients for future reference.​​​​​​​

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