Logo design that successfully represents what the channel is all about along with a series of accompanying idents that will be played before the videos.
Copr TV, named after Swansea’s Copper Coast and the Copper Coast International Film Festival, is a new online video streaming channel based in UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art. Using platforms including YouTube and Twitch, they aim to generate engaging content to promote the university worldwide and improve the student experience. It takes advantage of the equipment and infrastructure left over by Bay TV, with support from Swansea College of Art.
The branding is hand drawn to allow the creation of natural, flowing brushstrokes to highlight the intentions of Copr TV. The mascot is made up of all the letters spelling ‘Copr’ which results in something unique but relatable, as a stickman is one of the first things that people draw at a young age, showing that creativity is for everyone.
The idea behind the series was to stop the idents getting boring and repetitive as it allows for a different animation every couple of videos. They have also been designed in a very open way so that the series can be expanded on to show even more types of creative disciplines, or to show almost anything! The animations were made to recreate the stylings of stop-motion animation but actually done through Adobe After Effects for efficiency as this allowed more idents to be created in a much shorter time period.

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